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The late Flight Lieutenant Fred C. Guilmant
The late Valerie Thompson (nee Guilmant) Fred's daughter ...
The Old Airfield. The Runway followed same approx alignment as the Wind Turbines
Article in the Swindon Advertiser Newspaper dated 13/3/2002. Page 1
Article in the Swindon Advertiser Newspaper dated 13/3/2002. Page 2

RAF Watchfield

Born, Lived and Died during the War years 1939 - 1946

This is the memories of the late Fred C. Guilmant of Southampton, who was a Flight Lieutenant stationed at the RAF base at Watchfield. It contains wonderful information and photographs from his time there and is not only an important piece of aviation history, but a fascinating piece of Watchfield's history as well. Many thanks must go to Fred Guilmant for putting this together and for his family who encouraged him to, 'get on with it.' To read a copy of the book please go HERE We are grateful to the late Valerie Thompson, Fred's daughter, for providing the photograph of him in this listing, and to Grandaughter, Vivienne for the photograph of Valerie.

Further information on RAF Watchfield can be found in the Watchfield Chronicle and can be seen by going HERE

Also more information is available by going to Item N594

To see the listing on the unveiling ceremony of the memorial plaque that took place in July 2019, please see N1527 in this catalogue.


Watchfield Airfield

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