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Declaration made by Berkely Fairthorne in 1912 as to the validity of his Shrivenham Estate

Berkley Fairthorne & the Fairthorne Estate, Shrivenham

The Fairthorne family had been residents of the parish of Shrivenham from at least the turn of the 16th century. The Fairthorne farm and mill at Watchfield has been extensively reasearched by Shrivenham Heritage Society members with clear documentation from 1606. (See N106 in this catalogue for more information). They became very wealthy and part of the gentry of Watchfield and Shrivenham. But by the turn of the 19th century, like many other estates, hard times came upon them, and just after the first world war, the Fairthorne connection came to an end. This listing contains the documentation that led up to the eventual sale of the estate by auction in 1922.

To read a precis of the Indentures and documents, please go HERE

To read a copy of the Declaration made by Berkley Fairthorne in 1912 as to the validity of his Shrivenham Estate, please go HERE

To read a copy of the Shrivenham Fairthorne Estate survey of 1920 please go HERE




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