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A copy of the original Indenture
The cottages shown in the centre of the picture on this clip from the John Rocque Map of 1761
Information on the Lord Barrington document of 1908 Charity in this Charity Commissioner's
Dodds Cottages today

Lord Barrington's Charity of 1753

This copy of an original Indenture was contained within the documents that were donated to SHS from what was formerly the RMCS Library. A member of staff from that period, had taken the time to transcribe the document and set it out in hand-written format, a copy of which can be seen in Pdf format by going HERE.

The Indenture is important as it explains that William Wildman Lord Viscount Barrington (2nd) had made a contract with Caleb Colton, the Vicar of Shrivenham at the time, and several Overseers of the Poor, to use a building located in a field called Barnicles. The buiding has been converted into four dwellings, probably tiny hovels, for the benefit of the poor of the village. We know where Barnacles is located and can be seen by going to our Listing No N1425.

Further documents revealed that the four cottages were taken down and rebuilt on land that was owned by the Barrington Estate in Dodds Lane, Shrivenham, but still remained with purpose of providing housing for the poor. The cottages still exist today in the Dodds Lane, close to the school, but are now in private ownership, generally known as Dodds Cottages.

To see more information on the cottages in Dodds Lane please see SHS Listing No N426

And also SHS Listing No N418



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