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We are always on the look-out for more information about Shrivenham and district. If you have old photos, know of historical facts, old documents (especially deeds) please contact us...

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Map showing the location of Stratton Mill. Image courtesy of the National Library of Scotland

Stratton Mill

– Stratton Mill near Swindon

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The map that was produced for the Enquiry held in 1900

Stainswick Farm Canal Feeder

– When the Wilts & Berks Canal was abandoned

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Front cover of the Canal Packet

Wilts & Berks Canal Packet

– A bundle of informative papers on the canal

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The junction where the cottage stood - now demolished. Photo courtesy of Paul Williams

The Cottage at the Memorial Hall - Shrivenham

– It stood there before the Memorial Hall was built

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The book Wilts & Berks Canal front cover

The Wilts & Berks Canal

– First & Second Editions by L.J. Dalby

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OS Map centered on Longcott 1899

– Berkshire Sheet 13.

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A similar accident from elsewhere involving a 1911 Engine

Traction Engine in the Canal at Shrivenham

– Traction Engine goes through the wooden bridge

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The course of the Canal at Bourton, near Shrivenham. Photo by Neil B. Maw

The Wilts & Berks Canal about to open 1794

– A public announcement in the newspapers

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The Wharf in 1910, already obsolete, but the old tilt bridge still in place. Photo courtesy of Paul Williams

Bourton Wharf on the Wilts & Berks Canal

– History of the Wharf & what it looks like today

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The village of Uffington in the distance. Photo by Neil B. Maw

Tragedy at Uffington in 1892

– Boy killed by a Traction Engine

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A watercolour painting of the original Georgian Watchfield House

Watchfield House & matters concerning

– Articles and documents

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The bridge that goes over the river by the site of Fryars Mill. Photo by Neil B. Maw

Fryers Mill and Bridge

– Copies of documents

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Longcot Wharf on Majors's Road near Longcot village. Photo by Neil B. Maw

Longcott Wharf - The Wilts & Berks Canal

– The history of the Branch & Wharf

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Stainswick Copse and the trackway leading to the barn

Logging/Timber trackway from Stainswick

– An explanation for the solitary barns

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Picture featuring Harry Broome who fought at Acorn Bridge earlier. Picture from the Hulton Archive depicts a fight from 1855 between Harry Broome & Tom Paddock

The Prize Fights at Acorn Bridge near Shrivenham

– Newspaper articles describing the events

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